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Theological and doctrinal conversations: We cover theological and practical ideas and look to bring glory to God. We also try to incorporate community activities that are theologically sound and try to endorse those entities again for God’s glory. I am a pastor with a MDiv. Who also did time in prison

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S4 Episode 2 ” Eric Johnson Introducing Christianity To Mormons” Part 1

Join Pastor Dom and Eric as they start a 3 part series. The title of the series Christianity to Mormons    

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S4 Episode 1 “Being a Jonathan in a David’s World”

Welcome to season 4 of Street Talk Theology. The season starts out with Pastor Dom discussing being a Jonathan in a David’s World.    

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S3E36: The Post Millennial View Point

A must listen!  Pastor Dom discusses a very important topic!    

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S3E35: The Importance of your local church

A must listen!  Pastor Dom discusses a very important topic in culture where many believe the church is not important    

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S3E34: Same Sex Controversy part 2

A must listen!  Continue with Pastor Dom as he discusses the Same Sex Controversy with James white. This is part 2 of a 3 part interview.   Note* This...

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