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Truthspresso is a Christian podcast addressing theology, apologetics, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

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The Bible Sojourner is a podcast that discusses specific biblical passages, theological topics, and the intersection between the Bible and contemporary culture. The goal of the podcast is to equip the listener to better understand the Bible, theology, and culture, all in an effort to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

The host, Peter Goeman, has a PhD from The Master’s Seminary, and is currently the Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary in Cary, NC. He is interested in Old Testament, Greek and Hebrew, and cultural issues, including LGBT, social justice, and race.

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Ep 126: What Happens to Babies When They Die?

What happens to babies when they die? In this episode, we discuss this important issue from a biblical and logical perspective. We cover the main views and assess the...

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Ep 125: Understanding the Role of the Noahic Covenant

In this episode I discuss the role of the Noahic covenant in the storyline of the Bible. I also talk about how the covenant fits into the context of...

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Ep 124: What is the State of Theology in America?

In this episode we talk about the recent theological trends in evangelicalism and what that means about the state of the church today. We discuss a variety of key...

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Ep 123: Arguing for Homosexuality from the Bible

In today’s episode we talk about how Christians argue for the acceptance of homosexuality. I review Walter Brueggemann’s recent article on how one can be a Christian and accept...

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Ep 122: Does Baptist Theology Cause Transgenderism?

In today’s episode we discuss whether there is a link between Baptist theology and Transgenderism. We also explore the ramifications of covenant theology and paedobaptism, focusing on some of...

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