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Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report is a weekly podcast that is an hourly (or so) podcast that centers on many doctrinal, practical, and important issues for the believer and the church.

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Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report is a podcast that provides Biblical interpretations and applications for issues of Christian Living or culture. Andrew provides serious commentary with lighthearted humor. He covers a wide range of topics to provide a Biblical perspective. Too many Christians seek comfort in a time of persecution and the Rapp Report gives balance and understanding.

Andrew addresses passages of the Bible that many take out of context. Teaching not only how to interpret but giving the tools and skills to the listener for Biblical interpretation of God’s Word. Getting Scripture right is the most important element of the Christian life. The Rapp Report will help the listener to rightly interpret the Bible.

Andrew stays on top of cultural issues to instruct the listeners with what they need to know to navigate the crazy world in which we live. Our culture is moving at a fast pace and Andrew will provide knowledge of the things you need to know to live a Godly life. Andrew gives listeners the apologetics to answer the skeptics to answer their challenges and shut their mouths so that we can share the gospel.

“More Christian than Black or White”

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Short and Well Not So Sweet

We will be taking a short break from podcasting for an important reason.

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Radical Womanhood, Part 1

Rapp Report episode 247 In this episode Andrew plays an episode of the Throughly Equipped podcast with Melissa Lex. She brings in a co-host, Amy Russo from Grace &...

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Bonus: Superintending the Solution to Calvinism vs. Arminianism, What We Believe, Part 27

Rapp Report episode 246 Many people fight over Calvinism and Arminianism. Who is right and who is wrong? the answer may surprise you. Andrew provides answers from Scripture to...

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What is Regeneration, What We Believe, Part 26

Rapp Report episode 245 The topic of regeneration is the cause of great debate. Are we saved by works or not? Does saying a prayer save us? How about...

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God Doesn’t Whisper Again

Rapp Report episode 244 Jim Osman, author of God Doesn’t Whisper, to answer the following questions from a listener: “At first, when I listened to this I was upset,...

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