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Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report is a weekly podcast that is an hourly (or so) podcast that centers on many doctrinal, practical, and important issues for the believer and the church.

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Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report is a podcast that provides Biblical interpretations and applications for issues of Christian Living or culture. Andrew provides serious commentary with lighthearted humor. He covers a wide range of topics to provide a Biblical perspective. Too many Christians seek comfort in a time of persecution and the Rapp Report gives balance and understanding.

Andrew addresses passages of the Bible that many take out of context. Teaching not only how to interpret but giving the tools and skills to the listener for Biblical interpretation of God’s Word. Getting Scripture right is the most important element of the Christian life. The Rapp Report will help the listener to rightly interpret the Bible.

Andrew stays on top of cultural issues to instruct the listeners with what they need to know to navigate the crazy world in which we live. Our culture is moving at a fast pace and Andrew will provide knowledge of the things you need to know to live a Godly life. Andrew gives listeners the apologetics to answer the skeptics to answer their challenges and shut their mouths so that we can share the gospel.

“More Christian than Black or White”

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Was Jesus a Liar? | Rapp Report Weekly Wrap-up 0007 | Striving for Eternity

Some use different passages of the Bible to claim that Jesus lied. This podcast wraps up examining the passages in context to see that those claims are false.  ...

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You Should Not Judge Others | Rapp Report Weekly Wrap-up 0006 | Striving for Eternity

The claim we hear over and over from unbelievers is “you should not judge”. This week we have been discussing this argument and see if it is actually Biblical.  ...

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Does Hebrews 6 Teach that You Can Lose Your Salvation? | Rapp Report Weekly 0013 | Striving for Eternity

So many people argue that Christians can lose their salvation. They often turn to Hebrews 6:4-6 to make their case. However, Does Hebrews 6 teach that one can lose their salvation? We...

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Worship Wars and Media with Theology Gals | Rapp Report Weekly 0012 | Striving for Eternity

On this joint episode of Theology Gals and The Rapp Report, Coleen Sharp and Andrew Rappaport discuss worship and media.   For the month of June, listeners to the...

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Rules for Interpreting Scripture | Rapp Report Weekly Wrap-up 0005 | Striving for Eternity

Each different style of literature within Scripture has different rules for interpretation.  Identifying the type of literature helps in knowing which rules to follow to properly interpret the Word...

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