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The podcast for homeschool families – Biblical encouragement from home education experts and parents just like you!

Hosted ByYvette Hampton & Aby Rinella

There’s a Revolution Transforming Education and it’s NOT Happening in the Classroom!

“This is not an exaggeration to say, this is the movement that is needed to save this country.”
     – Rick Green, Wallbuilders

“We believe homeschooling is critically important if we are to save our republic and the Christian family and church.”
     – Kirk Cameron, Actor and Producer

Hosted by Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella, The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast brings you encouragement and resources from home education experts and REAL families just like yours, to help you train your children well. The show allows you to grow with Yvette as she talks with today’s home education leaders – speakers, authors, activists, curriculum publishers, in conversations that will build you up and give you important resources to help you train up your children for eternal success – from pre-school to graduation – to start strong and finish well!

Yvette Hampton is the producer and host of the upcoming documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution. Aby Rinella, is writer, speaker, and state homeschool organization director for Homeschool Idaho.

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A Biblical Approach to Nurturing our Our Children’s Mental Health, Part 3

"Don't hesitate to reach out early. Seeking guidance is not a sign of failure but of strength and care." ~ Dr. Rush Witt Watch this full interview on our YouTube...

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Navigating Depression and Anxiety in Our Children – Rush Witt, Part 2

"Focusing on the heart reveals the core issues we need to address for true healing." ~ Dr. Rush Witt Watch this full interview on our YouTube Channel. Facing the challenge of...

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Biblical Insights into Childhood Anxiety and Depression – Rush Witt, Part 1

"Kids communicate their mental state in many different ways - not always verbally. It's essential to read between the lines of their behavior." ~ Dr. Rush Witt Watch this full...

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Cultivating Wisdom and Virtue: A Restful Classical Education – Andrew Kern, Part 3

"We have to train the senses to discern good and evil, the physical senses, the moral senses, and the intellectual senses. That's what I mean by virtues." ~ Andrew...

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Practical Tips for Restful and Christ-Centered Homeschooling – Andrew Kern, Part 2

"Anytime you want to teach anything, I recommend that, literally or metaphorically, you use a parable." ~ Andrew Kern Watch this full interview on our YouTube Channel. In this episode of...

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