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Truthspresso is a Christian podcast addressing theology, apologetics, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

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Truthspresso covers a broad range of topics to sharpen the minds of Christians who want to be serious about knowing, understanding, and loving their faith, as well as sharing it and living it out in a world that is hostile to truth. Topics in theology will include the nature of God, understanding and defending the doctrine of the Trinity and the deity of Jesus, cherishing the nature and depth of the incarnation, and appreciating the centrality of substitutionary atonement. Theological and apologetics topics will also cover events and developments from church history from a fundamental Reformed and Evangelical perspective.

Topics in politics will demonstrate Biblical correspondence to the Austrian school of economics. Christians will be challenged to see Christ as King and the flaws of statism from human depravity. Political topics will argue for sound money, voluntarism, private property, personal responsibility, pro-life, and minimal government; and against fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, coercive welfare, minimum wage, abortion, socialism, and other statist errors. Other topics will include Christian living and entrepreneurship as warranted.

Daniel Mynyk is a software developer in the mortgage industry. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Bible from Pensacola Christian College, and a Master’s in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. He has taught adult Sunday School classes in churches of which he was a serving member on topics in Bible exposition, theology, church history, and cults. He has engaged in discussions of Biblical topics with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Arians, Socinians, Oneness Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, and others. The focus is always to view everything in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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What About That Supreme Court Leak?

We look at some salient points from the leaked draft opinion in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The draft argues that the decisions of Roe vs....

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The Power of the Resurrection

Chelsea and I finish our series on the Passion Week with the most important event in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ! From the burial to the high Sabbath...

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Rethinking Money and Ministry with Conley Owens

Conley Owens is a husband and father of eight children. He is a pastor at Silicon Valley Reformed Baptist Church. He also has a full time job as a...

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The Wonder of the Crucifixion

Chelsea and I break down the timeline of the crucifixion according to the gospel accounts. The agony of this brutal form of execution helps us to see what Jesus...

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The Politics of Jesus’ Trials and Crucifixion

Chelsea and I continue our series on the Passion Week and note the worldly politics that led to Jesus’ atonement. We cover Jesus’ betrayal and arrest, His six trials,...

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