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Dangerous Church Doctrines? Mike Reid

Apologetics Live episode 70

Dr. Anthony Silvestro talks with Kevin Jandt to discuss the “pastoring” practices of Mike Reid.

Dangerous Church Doctrines? Mike Reid

Podcast on Christian Podcast Community

Guest: Kevin Jandt -Long time former member and deacon of GFC


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Supporting Tony means supporting Mike Reid and his doctrines

 Tony Miano and GFC state, “God is the one who meets the needs of the Tony’s family and the ministry to which our church has called him. God accomplishes this through the financial and spiritual support of Tony’s Church family and by leading other Christians and Christian churches to prayerfully and financially partner with us.”


The Link for the above statement:  https://crossencountersmin.com/partner/


Previous screenshot of a similar statement can be found at end of this document


Time Stamps for Show

0:00 – Andrew Intro & Advertisement

9:19 – Anthony Silvestro giving Intro and Background

26:00 – Kevin Jandt introduction, testimony, why he stayed at church so long

43:00 – Kevin’s Reasons for writing his blog posts and what his goal is for podcast

47:30 – Excommunication (Intro Topic 1)

53:30 – Serious Concerns (Intro Topic 2)


Body of Topics for podcast based on Blog 2: Nov. 5, 2019, as well as other public sources, like Beaverton Grace Bible Church (Pastor Chuck O’Neal’s church)

57:00 – Mike Reid’s Authority as Top Bible interpreter and top authority and unchecked authority in congregant’s lives (Topics 1 & 2)

1:04:45 – Pastor Mike Reid practice of Meeting with women alone (Topic 3)

1:14:00 – Sexual Intimacy questions asked of women in private meetings, as well as every congregant (Topic 4)

1:34:00 – Mike’s testimony of his previous adultery and that he cannot fall back into adulterous sin again (Topic 5)

1:47:00 – “A repentant child molester could theoretically meet with children alone”  This was the response in the Ask the Pastor series on Mike not being able to fall into adultery again, just like a child molester (Topic 6)

1:55:00 – Holy Kissing doctrine (Topic 7)

2:12:45 – Legalism & Stressing of personal holiness in an unbiblical way (Topic 8)

2:22:30 – Congregant’s sin being used against them

2:29:40 – Convincing people they are not saved and then gets them saved under his ministry (Topic 9)

3:00:00 – Closing Starts

3:04:30 – Did Mike Reid use the names of other Pastors, Conference attendance, or platforms in order to validate his ministry?

3:08:30 – Pleas to people who have left GFC or are still there under the ministry


Supporting Evidence

 Research by Dr. Anthony R. Silvestro Jr

50-60 hours of research on the topics presented in this podcast, including:

Over 10 hours interviewing Kevin & Jen Jandt, the author of 3 blogs

Over 13 hours interviewing 10 former members & weekly attendees

Many hours listening to each audio (2-3x) posted on the Beaverton YouTube Page

Many hours reading the blogs and anonymous testimonies


The anonymous testimonies in the 2nd blog article have all been confirmed in my research through intro texts and then lengthy phone calls.  2 of them are willing to come out publicly on a podcast, and several others are praying about whether they want to, knowing that it may re-incite members at GFC to harass them through texts, phone calls or emails.


Beaverton Grace Bible Church YouTube Page

Pastor Chuck O’Neal has painstakingly saved and catalogued multiple audios of Pastor Mike Reid which verify many of the topics talked about in the interview of Kevin Jandt.

These can be found at the Beaverton Grace Bible Church YouTube page.


A claim has been made that the audios are all edited.  That is patently false.  Some of the audios on the page are cut and pasted for brevity.  Every one of those “cut and pastes” is found in its entirety in the other audios present on the same playlist…