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125: Dispensational Basics with Dave the Dispy Hipster (DTE #12)

Jeremy had a fantastic, sweeping conversation about dispensationalism with X’s resident Dispy expert, David Baumgaertel — and they didn’t even mention John Nelson Darby!

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0:00 Introduction

2:08 Opening Pleasantries

6:50 Experience with the YRR Movement

13:40 Basic Hermeneutics

19:06 For the Common Man

23:33 How to Interpret the Old Testament

32:28 Hermeneutics of the Apostles

34:41 Progressive Revelation

40:04 Israel/Church Distinction

49:24 The Church as a Mystery

52:01 The Church as a New Man

56:05 NT Support for Israel’s Restoration

1:05:21 Heavenly Jerusalem vs. Earthly Jerusalem

1:17:06 Two Peoples of God

1:24:22 Nations in the Future

1:27:30 Closing Pleasantries