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Jamal Bandy: Social Justice

Jamal Bandy is a fellow podcaster in the Christian Podcast Community. His show is called Prescribed Truth, and you can find it on the Christian Podcast Community site at

Outline of the Discussion
  • Jamal’s podcast & Youtube channel – Prescribed Truth.
  • Social justice started becoming apparent to Jamal after Donald Trump was elected, and suddenly people were saying they couldn’t worship next to others because of their votes.
  • Faulty presuppositions are the root of social justice fallacies. People presuppose bad motives behind the social justice issues they’re trying to change.
  • Music in church is a challenge, and an example of how differences in taste can be twisted into a social justice issue.
  • Bringing the issues people get hung up on down to the basic level of it being a sin issue removes color or other superficial issues. The primary sin behind racial issues is partiality.
  • It’s a hard thing to consider, but are some of the most vocal social justice warriors false converts?
  • It’s important to remember that we’re called to forgive each other.
  • It’s good to recognize real injustices, even while addressing issues that aren’t really injustices.
  • Is the real issue skin, or is it sin?
Scriptures Referenced
  • 1 Corinthians 13:7
  • John 13:35