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Justin Peters: Discernment

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. – Jude 3

Justin Peters, of Justin Peters Ministries, returns for his fourth episode of Echo Zoe Radio to discuss various aspects of discernment. We get into a few discernment issues facing the Church today, as well as the importance of keeping discernment skills between the ditches.

Outline of the Discussion
  • A pattern is emerging with the time between Justin’s appearances on the podcast.
  • A Christian worldview will permanently change a person’s political views.
  • The foundation for proper discernment is a proper understanding of Biblical Authority.
  • Social Justice (Critical Race Theory) is a Marxist movement infiltrating the Church.
  • CRT is cult-like in that it redefines common terms to mean something different than most people believe they mean.
  • One third of professing Evangelicals believe Jesus is a created being (ie, they’re not really Christians.)
  • We separate bad teaching from heresy by the way Jesus is handled. Heresy presents a false teaching about the person and/or works of Christ.
  • Social Justice/CRT is much more dangerous than Word-Faith/NAR in that we don’t have soteriologically Reformed churches preaching aspects of Word-Faith in their churches, but they are preaching Social Justice.
  • Marxism seeks to divide people over economic class, race, gender, or other differences between people whereas the Gospel unites people in Christ.
  • The Gospel does not need our help. We should not attempt to add to it, or to sneak it in behind other issues.
  • It takes patience, but the truly regenerate will come around to Biblical Truth eventually.
  • Kanye West has been concerning.
  • Baby Christians shouldn’t be out leading worship. They should be listening and learning.
  • Both real and false conversions often come with a zeal phase.
  • While Kanye may overstep his bounds or fail to recognize bad/false teaching out of immaturity, many of the Christians around him should know better.
  • Christians need to stop being so excited about celebrities professing faith. Just like our friends & family, they often fizzle out fairly quickly and revert to their unbelieving state.
  • The other side of discernment can be problematic. Being too fixated on discernment will lead people to draw lines that need not be drawn.
  • As many discernment ministries progress, they often shrink their circle of acceptable doctrine to the point where it’s so small, they can only stand inside of it themselves on one foot.
Scriptures Referenced
  • Jude 1-3
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