Margaret Sanger: A Legacy of Death (part 1)

In part 1 of studying the legacy of Margaret Sanger, we look at a short biography of her life.

Margaret Sanger believed large families caused poverty and that “prudish” laws like the Comstock Act forced women into “unwanted pregnancies.”

She was a relentlessly defiant advocate for “birth control” via contraceptives. Facing several arrests and trials, she ultimately and gradually succeeded in her quest.

Sanger started two organizations that would come together into what we know as Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Whereas Planned Parenthood’s function today is mostly as an abortion mill, Sanger herself saw abortion as “barbaric” and to clarify that her “birth control” was a civilized alternative.

To understand Sanger’s mindset and not to defend her, we will see from her words in the next part how terrifying some of her goals really were.

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