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Colorado Passes Its Radical Abortion Bill!

HB 22-1279, also known as the “Reproductive Health Equity Act” went through the Colorado Senate floor this last week. This bill is designed to legalize all abortions anytime anywhere for any reason up until birth and possibly afterwards.

The language of this evil bill is intentionally broad and ambiguous. Senate Republicans offered a plethora of amendments to limit the bill or clarify the language. Democrats wouldn’t budge on a single word of the bill.

Chelsea and I review the debate and most of the amendments. From simply requiring “sterile instruments” to protecting free speech, the radically pro-abortion Democrats defied all reason for their holy grail.

As of this recording, the bill will soon arrive at the governor’s desk and he is committed to signing it. Please pray for the state of Colorado! We must speak truth in love and have faith that God is sovereign.

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