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Daily reading of the Word of God along with a daily morning devotional and prayer for the feeding of God's sheep.

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There are a number of purposes to this podcast. The first is to expose people to the Word of God. Studies are showing that less and less people are familiar with the Scriptures, even within professing Christians. It is my hope that my little bit of reading each day will make folks more familiar with the Scriptures.

It is also my desire to expose people to the deep theology and solid Christian guidance provided by our predecessors. These would include folks like the Puritains and/or Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I pray that through this exposure I will encourage my listeners to dig deeper into these people and their theology.

Finally, I am also striving to combat the biblical illiteracy that is out there through a small bible study each day. These bible studies will be done as I work verse by verse through different books of the Scriptures. Through all three of these purposes it is my hope that folks will become more familiar with the Word of God, have a more Christ-like walk within this world, and that they would glorify God in all that they do.

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Episode 195, March 14, 2023

Morning: Third Day Morning: God Creator and Controller: Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, March 14, Morning: Numbers 21: Numbers 22:1-20: Luke 1:26-56: Psalm 57:

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Episode 194, March 13, 2023

Morning: Second Day Morning: God Over All: Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, March 13, Morning: Numbers 19: Numbers 20: Luke 1:1-25: Psalm 56: Proverbs...

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Episode 193, March 12, 2023

Morning: First Day Morning: Worship: Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, March 12 Morning: Numbers 16:41-50: Numbers 17: Numbers 18:1-32 Mark 16:1-20: Psalm 55:

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Episode 192, March 11, 2023

Morning: Seventh Day Morning: God’s Good Pleasure: Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, March 11 Morning: Numbers 15:17-41: Numbers 16:1-40: Mark 15: Psalm 54: Proverbs...

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Episode 191, March 10, 2023

Morning: Sixth Day Morning: The Gospel: Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, March 10 Morning: Numbers 14: Numbers 15:1-16: Mark 14:53-72: Psalm 53: Proverbs 11:4:...

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