Quest For Truth with Keith Heltsley & Nathan Caldwell

Comparing worldviews in a casual setting. Digging deep into the bible, and its challenges.

Hosted ByKeith Heltsley & Nathan Caldwell

The idea for Quest for Truth came about from a question that was asked. If you had only one voice, one message to tell the world, and you could only do that one podcast, what would it be. My answer was, the gospel. To me, the most important single message the world needs to hear, and understand. I still do other podcasts, but if I had to stop everything and focus on one topic, the gospel is it.

I knew I wanted to record with a co-host, and found Nathan Caldwell through a podcasting group we were both involved in. I wanted to focus on a target audience of people who are new Christians who really didn’t know what to do next, or those who are not Christians but who are wondering what all these crazy Christians really believe. A lot of people who claim they’re seeking the truth really aren’t. A lot of people are willing to cave in to the loudest voice out there, and go along for the latest trends in culture. All they seem to want is to have someone tell them their ideas are fine, and not to have to think for themselves.

If you are really seeking for the truths in life, this is the place where we try to give an honest look at world views, and compare them to the Christian view. Truth is truth, and if it’s true, it will be true inside the bible and outside of it.

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On the Road 2 Standing for What’s Right. (329)

On another road trip, the audio might be less than desired, but the topic is an important one. Nathan and Keith discuss the importance of doing the right thing,...

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Luke Investigation 14 Forgiven Much. (328)

Based on Luke 7:18-50 Luke continues to walk with Tiberius through the lands where Jesus ministered. An imprisoned John the Baptist sends messengers to ask about Jesus’ identity. Their...

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Truth Exposed 29 A Liar Like you. John 8:37-59. (326)

After the feast of booths, Jesus had been acquiring more followers as he taught in the temple, and now on his way out of it he is confronted by...

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