Episode 132: Cessationism Interview With Dr. Tom Pennington

In the latest episode of the Didache podcast, Justin Peters interviews Dr. Tom Pennington, pastor of Countryside Bible Church, on his book, “A Biblical Case for Cessationism: Why the Miraculous Gifts of the Spirit Have Ended.” The discussion delves into cessationism, the belief that miraculous gifts have ceased with the Apostolic Age, versus continuationism, which holds that such gifts persist. Pennington clarifies cessationism, countering misconceptions of the Holy Spirit’s inactivity post-Pentecost, asserting the Spirit’s ongoing, vital role through non-miraculous means like Scripture. The conversation covers the New Testament’s categorization of spiritual gifts, historical patterns of miracles, and responses to common counterarguments, emphasizing the sufficiency of Scripture and the dangers of undermining it through extrabiblical revelations.


Time Stamps

  • 00:00 โ€“ 00:57 โ€“ Introduction
  • 00:57 โ€“ 07:04 โ€“ What is Cessationism and what are the miraculous gifts?
  • 07:05 โ€“ 11:10 What about the frequency of miracles? Were there really just 3 periods of miracles?
  • 11:11 โ€“ 18:58 What about the apparent fading of miracles chronologically through the NT?
  • 18:59 โ€“ 22:50 Does what we see today in the charismatic movement resemble what we see in the NT?
  • 22:51 โ€“ 26:03 Have many charismatics already ceded the basic cessationist premise?
  • 26:04 โ€“ 29:33 Does God still speak today but in a less authoritative way than He did in scripture?
  • 29:33 โ€“ 34:41 Does 1 Peter 4:11 say that God is still speaking in an authoritative way outside of scripture?
  • 34:42 โ€“ 39:02 What is the testimony of church history regarding the miraculous gifts?
  • 39:03 โ€“ 54:13 Why is this such an important issue?
  • 54:14 – 56:35 Do cessationists really have a low view of the Holy Spirit?
  • 56:36 โ€“ 01:03:11 The danger of the charismatic emphasis on signs, wonders, dreams, and visions over that of scripture

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