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Bearing a Burden We’re Not Meant to Bear: Moms, Guilt, and God’s Sovereignty in Our Children’s Salvation.

Welcome to a very special Mother’s Day episode of “One Little Candle.”

In today’s episode (107), we’re exploring the heartfelt journey of mothers whose children might be wandering from or have rejected the path to God. It’s a tender spot many moms silently agonize over, and often, a burden of responsibility and guilt that weighs heavily on their hearts.

We’ll delve into the poignant story of Hannah from the book of 1 Samuel, a woman who knew deep desire and dedication when it came to her son, Samuel. Her story sheds light on the profound act of entrusting our child(ren) entirely to God.

In this episode,  we’ll also query the often misinterpreted proverb, “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” unpacking the nuances about parental influence and the personal spiritual paths our children choose. We’re here to offer an understanding that while the proverb speaks to guidance, it does not guarantee outcomes.

We’ll discuss how, as parents, our role is to saturate our children’s lives with God’s word, leading by example, but ultimately, we must leave their salvation in the sovereign hands of God.

For all mothers wrestling with feelings of guilt over your child’s spiritual journey, this episode aims to comfort you, inspire hope, and encourage you to keep your light shining for them, regardless of the paths they may roam. We will be reminded of the power of persistent prayer, the impermanence of parental control, and the overarching truth that the destiny of our children rests securely in the grace of God.