Sunday Is Coming: Finding Hope and Comfort in Good Friday and Easter

In today’s episode (104) , we’ll take a look at how in a world of both comfort and discomfort, we find hope in knowing that God is unchanging and faithful. As we approach Good Friday and Easter, we reflect on the immense sacrifice and the ultimate victory of Jesus. Through the darkest moments, we are reminded that God can turn bitter into sweet and that Sunday is coming. The message of redemption and grace carries us through, offering wisdom, discernment, and gratitude. Let’s cherish the good days and trust in the same good, wise, and loving God during tough times. Embrace the hope of Easter, for Sunday is coming.


Key Topics and Bullets

  1. Good Friday and Easter

– Significance in the Christian faith
– Reflection on the events of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Sunday
– Reflection on the disciples’ reactions and lack of understanding
2. God’s Sovereignty and Grace
– God’s plan and sovereignty in difficult times
– God working all things together for good (Romans 8:28)
3. Worship and Thankfulness
– Importance of worshiping God during both good and bad times
– Encouragement to trust in God’s plan and find hope in Christ
4. Hope and Redemption Through Christ
– Analysis of the lyrics of “Sunday is Coming” by Phil Wickham
– Emphasis on the significance of Easter and the victory of Christ