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A podcasts that strives to share the gospel to the listeners of all walks of life.

Hosted ByBrandon M. Queen

On The E. A. R., we talk about the gospel and where we focus on God! Our goal is to tackle some of the hard questions or situations that arise in our faith or the secular questions that challenge us. We are Evangelical and Reformed! Our episodes are based on reformed theology from an evangelical view.

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Faith and Sickness

Synopsis: Sickness is something that we cannot avoid, sickness is something that is with us even until the day we die. How we handle that sickness is how we...

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Faith and Encouragement

Synopsis: This is not your normal episode. I talk to a friend about faith and how her struggles often made her question faith and how she became a wayward...

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A Weary World Rejoices – Christmas Eve Service 2021

During a turbulent year, we have become weary, bothered, depressed, and we even lost sight of God’s faithfulness at times. This year has been a mad year for us...

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Keeping Your Faith: Amid Hatred and Division

Synopsis: This has been a strange year for the American people. From COVID to unnecessary racial wars. We even have liberal people trying to tell black people how they...

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The Michael Cheramie Testimony – A Deep Seated Faith

Synopsis: You have heard me say over the past few weeks say faith is practical. It’s an action that is visible for all to see. How strong is your...

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