The Importance of Understanding Law and Gospel

Theology Gals | Episode 142 This week Coleen and Rachel talk about the importance of law and gospel. They also show the emphasis on law and gospel in the Reformed Faith.  Episode Resources: Law, Gospel, And The Three Uses of the Law (1) by R. Scott Clark  Law, Gospel, And The Three Uses Of The…

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Romans 12:2 In the Decade to Come

The Way Radio Episode 0010 Romans 12:2 In the Decade to Come A vibrant faith, and understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, abiding in the word, and the command of Romans 12:2 will strengthen, sustain, and bless us through the coming decade. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the…

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Theology Gals Rewind – Discernment: Growing up in Christ

This is a best of episode.  On this week’s episode Coleen and Angela discuss discernment. What is discernment and how can we be discerning? They also look at some examples of bad theology and compare them with the Word of God.  Check out Sola Gratia Co. Reformed Christian Apparel for women.  Episode Resources: What Is…

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