A Simple Woman’s Take on Modesty

Thoroughly Equipped EXTRA break Episode Just my 2 cents on the modesty controversy on Twitter. Used in this recording: The power of Modest Clothing by Brian Holdsworth Pastor Causes Internet MELTDOWN With Viral Tweet About Christian Women In Bikinis!!! By Spencer Smith Resources:  RC.Sproul The Tyranny of the Weaker Brother John MacArthur God’s High Calling…

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Ep.58 Modesty, Godliness, and Bikinis

Ep.58 Modesty, Godliness, and Bikinis In this episode, Nathaniel and Ekkie discuss God’s desire for women to be modest, in heart and dress. Many women within the church have been taught that showing skin is acceptable, but they’ve been deceived by the world, on the other hand, immodesty can also appear as gaudy, costly apparel;…

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