About the Author
I’m an avid reader and movie lover. There’s not much I like better than reading a book and then seeing the movie version, or watching a movie and then reading the novelization. I have a degree in English literature, which means that at some point in my life I actually received grades for discussing and writing essays about literature. Can’t get much better than that, right? Well, it can. Who needs to pull apart the deep inner workings of dusty old classics when there’s such wonderful fodder in the mass media that people watch (and read) everyday? Above all, I believe that I can’t do much better in this life than in pointing my friends toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything makes perfect sense when viewed from a Christian worldview. Even when the intent of the writer was something entirely different, everything can point to our Creator God. He is the foundation for every logical thought, the judge of all evil, and the author of all beauty.

The Rise of Skywalker – AYJW100

A culmination of decades, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker encompasses themes of redemption, identity, and sacrifice. Visit for the complete show notes.

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Knives Out – AYJW099

Knives Out is a puzzle put together with pieces of guilt, greed, and the context of truth. Visit for the complete show notes.

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Harriet – AYJW098

Harriet provides a good foundation for a discussion on life, freedom, and the voice of God from both a historical and spiritual perspective. Visit for the complete show notes.

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Gemini Man – AYJW097

Gemini Man provides some interesting discussion regarding the justification for cloning, souls stained by accumulated guilt, and nature versus nurture. Visit for the complete show notes.

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The Peanut Butter Falcon – AYJW096

Tim and Eve stepped away from the glitz and special effects of science fiction and superheroes to spend a little time floating on a raft down the Outer Banks of the Eastern coast. At this slower pace, we discuss redemption, brotherhood, and not being held back by assumed limitations in the heart-warming movie The Peanut…

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