Royal Reversals: Esther’s Banquet and Haman’s Downfall. The Book of Esther, Chapters 4-7

The dramatic saga intensifies in chapters 4 to 7 of the Book of Esther.

Tune in as we explore a night of royal restlessness that shifts the fate of Mordecai, witness Haman’s fall from arrogance to humiliation, and marvel at Esther’s bravery as she orchestrates a banquet that turns into Haman’s downfall – all under the watchful, though unseen, hand of Providence.

As we recount Esther’s peril and Haman’s ill-fated schemes, we are reminded of the ever-present sovereignty of God in the lives of His people and the importance of recognizing His divine hand in our own lives, encouraging every listener to trust that behind the scenes, God is at work for Israel, the church, and each one of us.