Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 17 – Leadership

This week Dillon and I join up virtually again to discuss the concept of leadership. More specifically, we provide some commentary on a book we both read titled Extreme Ownership, written by former Navy Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. While it is not an explicitly Christian book, it contains what we might call “extreme…

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Divorce and Remarriage – Theological Discussion

Theology Throw Down episode 4 1) Is divorce allowed in the Bible? 2) Can divorced people remarry? 3) Should people marry divorced people? 4) Can divorced people be in leadership in the church?   Episodes on divorce from the Prescribed Truth podcast: Should Christians Divorce Their Spouse? Christians and Divorce: Love, Abuse, and Abandonment Follow-Up…

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Holy Spirit 3 Leading the Church. (256)

Featuring information gleaned from the book, “I Believe in the Holy Spirit” by Michael Green, copyright 1975. Review: Holy Spirit in the old testament was temporary and sporadic to achieve God’s purpose. From Bethlehem to Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was wrapped up in Jesus life and was still temporary when applied to others. Since Pentecost….

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