From Laura to Jake and Back Again. An Interview With Laura Perry; Author of “Transgender to Transformed”

Today’s powerful episode (103), is the second part of our heart-to-heart interview with Laura Perry. In this episode, we continue the deeply moving story of Laura’s transformative journey from living as a transgender man back to embracing her God-given feminine identity.
Today, Laura opens up about her profound conversations with God, her struggle with her past identity, and her powerful testimony detailed in her must-read book, “Transgender to Transformed.” Laura’s poignant advice for those grappling with loved ones experiencing gender dysphoria, her own path of confession and realization of sin, and the pivotal moments that altered her life’s course are sure to resonate with many.
We’ll also dive into Laura and Perry Smalts’ touching love story, from their serendipitous first meeting to the challenges and blessings of their union. Perry, sharing his side of their narrative, provides insight into their ministry, Eden’s Redemption, highlighting the crucial work they do to equip the church in understanding Gods design for marriage, gender and sexuality through a biblical lens.
Join us as we discuss the resources available to counteract society’s anti-biblical influences, upcoming episodes centered on biblical teachings, and the anticipation of Laura’s potential future writings amidst her personal growth.
Prepare to be inspired by Laura Perry’s journey of faith, transformation, and her unwavering passion to empower others to find their truth and identity  in Christ. Let us embrace these stories of redemption and fortify our understanding through the powerful testimonies of those who’ve walked the path.
Don’t forget to share your light with the world, as we  grow together in love, truth, and understanding.